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Bungee Fit!

The Fabulous, Too Much Fun Workout


Dr. Erin Miller having some bungee fun!

Fly Your Way to Fitness

Bungee training is a cardio blast for the kid in you

Experience Bungee Fit, a workout that’s so fun, it doesn’t seem like exercise! Get the benefits of a cardio workout while strengthening and toning your whole body.

Bungee training is the latest addition to our fitness offerings. Add more mobility, cardio, and fun to your training as you bounce, levitate, and soar, all while getting a fabulous workout! Come prepared to work hard and play even harder. Bungee gives you the opportunity to defy gravity and experience weightlessness, in a safe environment.


Improves Mobility and Flexibility

The bungee helps to support you, taking some of your weight, which enables you to increase your range of motion in your hips and knees.  It helps to alleviate some of the pressure that gravity brings by supporting you, thus allowing more movement.

Builds Stamina

Because some of your weight is being supported, you now have the ability to run, jump and bounce as if you were 30-50 lbs lighter, thus giving you the opportunity to get a cardio component into your workout.

Strengthens Your Core

Your abs are working in order to stabilize you as you move with the bungee.  The abs get such an astounding workout that we make sure we stop and move into extension periodically in order to train both sides of the body.

Develops Better Balance

Your vestibular system is getting a workout while you are!  Plus, working on balance with the bungee supporting some of your weight helps your brain and body to learn it before supporting all of your weight.

Makes Working Out Fun!

It’s almost impossible not to smile and laugh when you are bouncing.  Whether you are in one of our advanced classes or a beginner/rehab class, being weightless takes you back to being a kid.

Bungee Fit! Workshops

What to expect in a workshop:

  • Each workshop is 75 minutes long.
  • Each participant will be suited up in their own bungee harness at the start of class.
  • We highly recommend wearing bike shorts under (or over) a second layer of shorts, capris, or pants. The more layers, the better! You will also want to make sure to wear a long shirt as it can ride up a bit.
Bungee Fit! Small Groups

What to expect in a Bungee Fit small group::

  • Bungee Fit is a 45 minute, full-body, cardio workout that will exercise you from head to toe!
  • The class will start with mobility drills and a gentle warm up, progressing to more heart pumping fun. We will be taking breaks for mobility, visual and balance drills during the workout.
  • Bungee Fit Pre-Requisites: Our Bungee Fit! Workshop is a prerequisite to this class. In that workshop we help you get fitted and learn the basics so you can soar!


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Bungee Fit!

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Important Note

Participants understand that the activities, exercises, concepts and training methods to be taught may not be appropriate for all people, and may cause injury or aggravate existing injuries. A physician’s examination should be obtained by all participants prior to involvement in an exercise program.

Just a heads up, we will ask you to step on a scale to weigh yourself so that we can suit you up with the appropriate harness and bungee.  We want you to have the best experience possible, and in order to do so, we need to fit you with the right support.

If you really want to try bungees but the workshop isn’t suitable to your needs, we encourage you to do a private session.

Join Us for Bungees and More!

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