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7 04, 2017

Inspiration from Others

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Rather than hearing what I have to say, it might be helpful to hear from a couple of folks who have been successful at changing their lives and their health. Neither of these clients were ‘gym’ or ‘workout’ people. Yet somehow, they keep showing up, learning, growing, and taking their health and fitness to the next level. Who better to take inspiration from?

12 02, 2017

More Movement, Better Movement for Every Body

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GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® have actually helped me fall back in love with movement. While there are “guidelines” to the exercises, there are no poses to reach or anything I have to conform to in order to succeed. Instead, I get to move and enjoy it.

12 02, 2017

Supporting Your Survivorship

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This free workshop addresses the nervous system in your recovery and fitness routine will accelerate your healing and optimize your health. No matter where we are in life, it is important to address our nervous system, our emotional selves, and our physical body. Identifying our current movement patterns and the fight or flight response in our bodies and learning how to mitigate that response is paramount to optimizing our physical, spiritual and emotional selves. Join us on Wed. Feb. 15 for this workshop.

28 01, 2017

“Prehab” Before You Have to Rehab

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If we are truly interested in reaching our body’s athletic potential, our focus should be inoculating ourselves for life’s unexpected events, illnesses, and changes that naturally occur. Our health, athletic performance, and ability to perform day-to-day tasks, just plain old living life, requires attention to detail. And details can be perceived as boring, but in actuality, it’s like mining for gold.