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28 11, 2016

Featured Client: Hadley B. – “Easiest Pregnancy by Far”

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Because of Uncommon Age, this was the easiest pregnancy by far. I had the least amount of pain and felt great all the way to the end. Anytime I felt discomfort in my lower back due to my growing belly, Renee's class provided immediate relief (even more than chiropractic and massage).

1 09, 2016

Get Your Rowing On!

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Across the board, rowing is one piece of equipment that is a full body workout, but safe and effective for many different populations. Done properly and with hard effort, it will kick your butt. But it can also be a gentle, relaxing and rather therapeutic (we happen to have water rowers simulating actual rowing). So depending on your goal, it is a piece of equipment that can be quite versatile.

4 07, 2016

How to Practice NOT Getting Hurt

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When we practice movement skills, we up the predictability to the brain. If it’s seen the movement or reaction before, we move reflexively thereby avoid potential injury. Injury is the number one reason we get sidelined from reaching our long term goals.