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Turn Healthy Behaviors into Habits

Health & Fitness Coaching Offers Guidance, Support, and Accountability

It is no secret what behaviors lead to good health, why then is it so hard to put these healthy behaviors into practice? Most of us have a pretty good idea of the things we could change in order to be healthier, but for some reason we just don’t have the willpower, time, or energy to make it happen.

Everyone Needs a Coach to Make Lasting Changes

If you continue to struggle with the same bad habits or have hit a plateau a health coach can help you discover simple ways to stay on track consistently. We are often unaware of daily habits that effect our ability to lose weight. A coach provides guidance, support and accountability. Having another person who truly cares about your goals as much as you can be invaluable in a culture where we all feel pressed for time. Finding ways to manage stress and create better life balance can be the start to unlocking your potential to change your health.

Coaching at Uncommon Age: What’s the Difference?

Develop New Habits by Rewiring Your Nervous System

Let’s be honest: change is hard! But from a neurological perspective, everything is trainable and changeable. By rewiring our nervous system with new habits, good movement skills, and good nutrition, the process of change is more manageable and enjoyable.

Everyone has a different history that got them to where they are today, and because everyone responds differently, individualization is the key to unlocking your body’s potential. Whether or not you come to us for pain management, performance enhancement, nutritional support, or movement skills, we look at a range of factors that inter-relate and impact your health, mobility and fitness:

Achieve Your Goals with Uncommon Coaching

Uncommon coaching will help you change your interpretation of the signal your brain receives, translating it into lasting behavioral changes. We constantly assess and reassess, through a variety of methods, in order to choose the course of action that best suits you at any given time.  By changing your brain’s interpretation of your body’s signals, you can change your life and achieve the goals you have always sought.



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