Featured Clients: Jim & Carolyn

1. Tell us about yourselves.

Jim and I moved to Stillwater Mn after living in Hudson WI for almost 30 years, looking for the Condo life. We have been blessed with three sons, one daughter and six granddaughters. Jim is semi retired and I retired with the dream job of watching my granddaughters two days a week, and helping my parents as needed. We LOVE biking, camping, walking, adventure motorcycle trips and travel.

2. What brought you to Uncommon Age?

After moving to Stillwater, and living downtown-I kept walking past the Studio. One day I made the leap to stop in and chat with Marty & Deb…wanting a comfortable place to get in shape. After almost 2 years of attending the studio in the Reformer classes with Deb…I got Jim interested in trying out some duet workouts. We started out in the general workout area, but after one session on the reformers for Jim-we have decided this is our best fit. We love the great (low impact) workouts we get from the Reformers and the results we feel the next day. The atmosphere is so relaxing, calming and non competitive as in many other facilities.

3. What changes have you seen in yourself both emotionally and physically?

Physically for me I find myself much stronger and more flexible…and breathing!! The days I do come to the Studio, I feel my happiness meter rise throughout the day. Jim is finding out that he has some muscles that haven’t been activated for some time….we both love waking up the day after our workouts-looking at each other and saying…Are you feeling it?? Then laughing as we go for our morning cup of coffee. Working out together gives us both the extra energy we love to have plus a few great laughs to start the day!

4. What’s one piece of advice you would give to others that relates to your journey?

With our elderly parents, and seeing them struggle to move easily, we both want to keep flexible, and strong as we grow older letting us do the activities we love such as biking, skiing, walking, cliff diving in Acapulco , Ironman’s and UFC Cage fighting….:) Ha! Last but not least, meeting wonderful people at the Studio also makes it a draw to return each week…