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Stillwater’s Original Kettlebell Studio

When we first started teaching kettlebells in 2006, there weren’t many people that knew what they were.  Today, kettlebells are widely known and accepted, let alone one of the best tools for back to basics strength training that produces fantastic results.

At Uncommon Age, we’ve adopted The Movement Code’s technique for kettlebell workouts.  While we’ve received advanced training in the RKC style of kettlebells and achieved fantastic strength with it, we wanted to take it a step further, to not only increase our strength during our kettlebell workouts, but improve our mobility as well.


Strength with Integrated Movement

Our kettlebell method gives you all the benefits of a traditional kettlebell workout such as building strength and burning fat, but it also offers the benefit of loaded joint mobilization as it incorporates techniques that are seen in martial arts and other sports that require rotation and specific body positioning while maintaining control and producing power.

When we incorporate as many joints as possible into our workouts, we enhance the predictability of our brain and body, which inevitably increases our strength and flexibility, and reduces risk of injury by expanding on our skill set, particularly under the load of a kettlebell, regardless of its size.

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