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Pain Management & Rehabilitation

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You Can Manage Pain… Even Eliminate It!

Options Including Private and Semi-Private Training, and Health Coaching

By learning and developing the right skills, you can live a healthier and pain free life. Let us teach you!


Controlling the Pain Cycle

Pain is the fastest and most efficient way that your brain has to communicate with you to change something your body is doing, and if you don’t change it, your brain will talk to you louder until you finally listen. The problem is that usually we have absolutely no idea that our poor movement skills are key contributors to our personal pain cycle… all we know is that we feel pain!

The consequence of your body’s perception of threat from pain signals is a vicious cycle that leads to reduced mobility and ultimately, reduced health. Changing this cycle, by changing your brain’s interpretation of pain (i.e. threat) is what Uncommon coaching is all about.


Rewire Your Brain’s Interpretation of Pain

Our specialized training modalities are designed to help you build a “pain management toolbox” that you can use to manage even the most chronic pain.


Z-Health® is a revolutionary approach to health based on the central nervous system and movement. Coaching, training and classes at Uncommon Age are based on the principles of Z-Health®.

The primary function of your nervous system is to ensure our survival. When a “threat” is detected, the body goes into survival mode, triggering “fight or flight hormones,” inflammation to promote healing, or generating pain to shut down and protect a muscle group.

We use Z Health® techniques to reduce your body’s threat level by increasing the range of motion so that it is better prepared to respond to unexpected, awkward or even everyday movement.  This helps prevent injury in the first place and reduces pain from pre-existing conditions.

Therapeutic Yoga at Uncommon Age Stillwater

Somatics combines gentle and modified classic yoga poses with breath work and meditation to heal and bring about whole body wellness. Poses are adapted to the individual need whether in a group setting or in private sessions.

Thomas Hanna coined the term “somatics” to refer to the discipline of muscular re-education, which seeks to foster internal awareness of ones body. Somatic movements help unlock the mystery of muscular pain by combining philosophy, movement education and neurophysiology. Somatic movements are gentle and appropriate for all ages and abilities.

In Somatics, you will learn a simple series of movements that when done regularly, can bring about more efficient, coordinated and pain free physical functioning. Somatic movement has rapid and long term effectiveness in teaching people to reverse chronic and often debilitating pain from sciatica, scoliosis, chronic back pain, herniated discs, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, and hip pain to name a few.

Somatics is offered in group classes, semi-private and private sessions.


GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® offer a holistic approach to movement designed for people of all ages and abilities, young and old, healthy or recovering from illness or injury.

The GYROTONIC® method centers on an exclusive weight and pulley system that provides both assistance and resistance to promote fluidity and elongation of muscles and joints. The GYROTONIC® system gently pushes you to go beyond your capacity, helping to increase bodily movement.

GYROKINESIS® is a series of seated and floor mat movements that incorporate the principles of yoga, Qi Gong, and tai chi. The emphasis is on continuous movements combined with special breathing patterns that flow seamlessly together stimulating the nervous system, opening the energy pathways of the body (Qi), and oxygenating the blood. GYROKINESIS® focuses on spinal movement with arches and curls that expand the vertebra, increasing fluidity and your range of motion.

Our clients’ consistently report that GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® have improved their balance, range of motion, flexibility and overall fitness.


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