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Therapeutic Yoga for Pain & Restoration


Somatics – Therapeutic Yoga

Somatics is a neuromuscular re-education of the body and nervous system that can relieve chronic pain and enhance performance by restoring posture.  By retraining movement patterns, Somatics helps alleviate common musculoskeletal conditions and prevent recurring injuries. Breath work and meditation (along with somatic movement) are taught as integral parts of what is offered to every client.


Diagnostic Consultations

Somatics diagnostic consultations offer personalized training and coaching targeting your unique needs:

Initial Consultation (75 mins)

  • Discussion of your health history
  • Movement session to identify areas of muscular tension
  • Identification of problematic movement patterns
  • Individualized home-based exercises (10-15 minutes daily)

Follow Up Consultations (55 mins)

  • Individualized movement sessions to assess and build on improvement
  • Review of progress on home-based exercise plan
  • Development of additional home-based somatic exercises to advance treatment
Semi-Private Training

(Three people per session)

Somatic Semi-Private Training options include sessions for target areas and include:

Somatics for Neck & Shoulders

For those who experience chronic neck and shoulder pain, This group will give you the tools to release the pain and increase your range of motion. Soon you will enjoy being active again!

Somatics for Hips to Shoulders & Everything in Between

Identifying and changing poor movement patterns is not easy. In this semi-private group you will learn the tools to change movement patterns while getting stronger and more mobile.
Group Classes

Somatic group classes include:

Somatics for Pain & Performance

Just like any other skill, creating new habits require practice. The slow, gentle, and safe movement patterns taught in this class will reprogram your brain to muscle connection, create efficient movement and improve your self-awareness. These movements are basic to all human movement – running, walking, reaching, bending. When you remember how to move without overly contracted muscles, your movement is more efficient, effortless and your pain disappears!

Therapeutic Yoga Flow

Experts agree“motion is lotion.” This gentle, flowing yoga practice is designed to release tension, increase mobility and build strength. Learn to breath effectively and move mindfully. Perfect for those students new to yoga as well as those who have been practicing for years.
In-Home Sessions

In-home sessions are perfect for home bound or aging parents! Do you know someone who suffers from chronic pain and might be home bound because of it? We now offer Somatic Exercise session for home bound clients to clients in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and St. Croix Valley on Mondays and Wednesdays.

*Travel allowance applies to sessions 10 mile radius beyond Stillwater.


“It Has Completely Changed Me”
“Renewed Mobility Truly a Blessing”

“I must thank you again for helping me on the road to sustained recovery.  Somatics has been the only thing in the last 4-5 years that has given my right buttock, hip, and lower back relief.  It’s amazing how normal I feel!!  Instead of a consistent 7-8, I’m at at 1-2 now.  I know I’m on the right track, again thanks to you.  The renewed vitality and lower body mobility is truly a blessing.

Keep up the great work.  You’re wonderful!!”

Sue N.


Renee Lindquist

Renee Lindquist

Renee Lindquist has been a beloved yoga teacher in the St. Croix Valley since 2004. In 2013, after years of teaching yoga, Renee suffered a painful back injury. Her search for pain relief took her through various channels of western medicine but nothing seemed to help. Then she found a Yoga Therapist practicing SomaYoga Therapy. It was there that Renee found not only relief from pain but also more freedom in her body than she had experienced in a long time.

In 2015 Renee received her 500 Hour Teacher Training Certification in SomaYoga Therapy. Since then she has been passionate about helping people in chronic pain. Renee draws from a wide variety of both SomaYoga therapy and clinical nursing experiences. She works on the premise that people need to understand the “why” of something and experience those benefits before they will choose to apply it on their own. Ultimately, Renee helps clients in chronic pain overcome fear with curiosity and education about their bodies. Renee gives them tools to understand and release their pain. As clients begin to replace fear with curiosity, their fear melts away and once again they learn to trust their bodies.

*Currently Renee is enrolled in the Clinical Somtaic Educator program at the Navato Institute for Somatic Research and Training in Navato, CA.

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