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Therapeutic Yoga for Pain & Restoration


Somatics – Therapeutic Yoga

Group Classes and Private and Semi-Private Training

We offer a variety of Soma Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga classes specifically designed to restore and rehabilitate your body.  Our instructors are highly experienced and certified, and will tailor instruction to your personal needs.


Somatics for Strength & Balance

Combines yoga postures and sequences to build a stronger, more flexible you!  Achieve better balance and awareness while flowing through postures, safely opening up the body in a sort of yoga “dance.”  We learn about and practice Ujjayi (victorious breath), Vinyasa (movement follows the breath), and Drishti (gazing points) to bring about a sense of harmony in the body, mind, and soul.  Come prepared to breathe, move, and feel better!

Somatics Yoga for Pain

Just like any other skill, creating new habits require practice. The slow, gentle, and safe movement patterns taught in this class will reprogram your brain to muscle connection, create efficient movement and improve your self-awareness. These movements are basic to all human movement – running, walking, reaching, bending. When you remember how to move without overly contracted muscles, your movement is more efficient, effortless and your pain disappears!

Somatics Restorative Yoga

We use gentle stretches, supportive props and 4 levels of relaxation that result in deeper releases of embedded stress, calming rejuvenation to the nervous system and repair from surface to the cellular levels of the body. Better than any night’s sleep! This helps sustain a better state of equilibrium for the body, emotions and mind. No yoga experience needed. Please bring 2 blankets.


Somatic Home Sessions

Perfect for Home Bound or Aging Parents 

Do you know someone who suffers from chronic pain and might be home bound because of it? Uncommon Age is now offering Somatic Exercise session for home bound clients. Renee Lindquist, Hanna Somatic practitioner and Yoga Therapist, is now offering home visits to clients in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and St. Croix Valley on Mondays and Wednesdays.

About Hanna Somatics

Pain can really limit our activity and our ability to seek help to find relief and manage it. Hanna Somatics uses small, gentle and slow movements to help release chronic muscular tension from the body due to injury, illness, poor movement patterns and surgery. Hanna Somatic exercises re-educate the muscles to release chronic tension and restore mobility.

* Travel allowance for clients outside a 10 mile radius of Stillwater proper.

For more information about Hanna Somatics and home visits call Renee at (651) 300-0138.


Renee Lindquist

Renee Lindquist

In her Soma Yoga practice is a returning and thorough enjoyment of being a student. This ability has allowed for a rich understanding of betterment as a teacher. Renee teaches to the individual, as their needs and ages vary. Her following amongst multiple communities speaks to her personal zest and amiable authenticity.

Student’s remark that after years of practicing under Renee, they still feel excited about her teaching and continue to evolve in new and surprising ways. Owing to her background in traditional medicine and health, alignment and posture are key focuses in her practice. There is a freedom to engage wholly when one is under the safe guidance of such expertise.

The classes are fun, challenging, informative and engaging. Renee is known for presenting challenges that all students can feel successful in achieving. Yoga becomes accessible, enjoyed and enhanced.

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