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Bungee Fit at Uncommon Age Stillwater MN

Dr. Erin Miller (about) having some bungee fun!

Bungee Fit!


Friday | 12/1 | 5:30-6:45 pm | $45 per person
Instructor: Marty Larson | Staff Bio

Friday | 12/15 | 5:30-6:45 pm | $45 per person
Instructor: Marty Larson | Staff Bio

Saturday| 12/30 | 9:45-11:00am | $45 per person
Instructor: Michelle Wittwer | Staff Bio

NEW! Bungee is the latest addition to Uncommon Age offerings! Add more FUN to your life as you bounce, levitate, and soar all while getting a fabulous workout!  Come ready to work hard and play even harder. Bungee gives you the opportunity to both defy gravity and experience weightlessness.

Each participant will be suited up in their own bungee harness at the start of class and alternate in and out of their bungee. Besides a cardio blast, bungee lends itself to beautiful sequencing and dance-like movement, but don’t let its beauty fool you — it takes a bit of time to feel completely comfortable so no self judging!
  • Bungee Pre-Requisites: None! Bungee classes are open to ALL levels of movers. Exploring movement for the first time? Come give Bungee a shot!
  • Additional Info: We highly recommend wearing bike shorts under (or over) a second layer of shorts, capris, or pants. The more layers, the better! You will also want to make sure to wear a long shirt as it can ride up a bit. Just a heads up, we will ask you to step on a scale to weigh yourself so that we can suit you up with the appropriate harness and bungee.
  • Note:  Participants understand that the activities, exercises, concepts and training methods to be taught may not be appropriate for all people, and may cause injury or aggravate existing injuries. A physician’s examination should be obtained by all participants prior to involvement in an exercise program.
  • Private Sessions Available: If you really want to try bungees but the workshop isn’t suitable to your needs, we encourage you to do a private session.

Instructor Rich O’Connor (about

GMB Fitness

Tuesday | 12/5 | 6:30-7:30 pm | $25 per person
Instructor: Rich O’Connor | Bio

What is GMB? A new movement system that improves your physical capabilities & increases your joy of life.

Rich O’Connor started out as a strength & conditioning coach in Boston.  He has since become a Master Trainer in the Gyrotonic method and is now a certified GMB trainer visiting us from New Mexico.

If you want a great intro as to what Gold Medal Bodies can do for you, check it out!

The Body Shop Series: Feet, Ankles, & Knees

Mon & Wed | 1/8/2018 – 2/14/2018 | 10:15-11:15 am

6 weeks – 2x per week – $378 

Instructor: Michelle Wittwer | Staff Bio

Foot, ankle and knee pain got you down or keeping you from doing what you love? We have the answer: The Body Shop Series! In this small & focused 6 week workshop that meets 2x per week, you will learn how to:

  • Mobilize and strengthen the feet and ankles to improve their strength, control, and movement.
  • Alleviate imbalances in those areas as well as your hips and low back.

Reinstate movement in areas lost due to injuries or poor movement habits. In order to prevent long term or recurrent problems, we need to move all of our joints in all different ranges of movement. For example, 35% of people who suffer an ankle sprain go on to re-sprain it within one year, often because they have failed to regain full strength, control and mobility around the ankle.

A typical Body Shop class will start with:

  • a gentle mobility warm up,
  • a review of prior concepts,
  • a lesson teaching a new concept and skill,
  • a cool down and review.
This focused small group is limited to 4 participants so that you can get focused, individual attention. It is intended for people who suffer from pain or limited range of motion in those areas but still wants a workout to meet their needs and goals.

(limited to 4 participants, 2 minimum to hold workshop)
coaching stillwater
See Better/Move Better/Feel Better

Saturday | 1/13/2018 & 1/20/2018 | 9:45-11:00 am

2 part workshop – $49 

Instructor: Michelle Wittwer | Staff Bio

A vision workshop for building a better body. Did you know that the muscles around your eyes play a huge role in your performance and pain? Join Michelle for this two part workshop that will help you identify what you need and how to practice.

(4 participants minimum to hold workshop)
The Myth of Aging

Sunday| 1/14/2018 | 12:30-3:00pm

$30 (or free to UA members who bring a friend!)

Instructor: Renee Lindquist | Staff Bio
Hanna Somatic Educator/ 500 Yoga Therapist

There is a common belief that aging itself causes us to become stiff and achy. How could it be any other way? But there IS another way: Hanna Somatics (HSE) is a neuromuscular re-education program. With HSE you will learn safe and gentle exercises that:

  • wake up inactive muscles
  • release chronically tight muscles
  • relieve pain
  • increase mobility.

Soon you will feel and move like you were 20 years younger!

(4 participants minimum to hold workshop)
Calm Mind, Quiet Body

Sunday| 1/21/2018 – 2/18/2018*| 6:00 – 7:00pm

4 weeks – $64 

Instructor: Renee Lindquist | Staff Bio
End your weekend with peace and calm.  Recharge your batteries and prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for your upcoming week.
In this 4 week series, learn to manage stress and improve clarity by using breathing techniques and simple meditation practices to calm your mind and quiet the tension in your body.
*Off on Superbowl Sunday.  5 participants needed
Balance Training Workshop

Saturday | 2/10/2018 & 2/17/2018*| 9:45 – 11:00am

2 weeks – $49

Instructor: Michelle Wittwer | Staff Bio
Is your balance not what it used to be?  Our sense of balance comes from many things, but our inner ear, or vestibular system, plays a huge role in our ability to balance well. Not addressing your balance and inner ear is ignoring one of your senses that your brain needs to navigate and function well.
Our capacity to balance well can change over time due to a lot of factors.  But just like anything it can change with good input! Whether you are an athlete who wants to improve your performance, or just don’t want to slip on the ice this winter, this workshop is for you.

Join Michelle to learn the skills and drills to improve your balance so that you can continually improve your quality of life!
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Bungee Fit!


Body Shop Series

See Better

Calm Mind, Quiet Body
The Myth of Aging
The Myth of Aging



Bungee Fit!

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