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The Myth of Aging

Sunday | 4/22/18 | 12:00-3:00pm

$30 (or free to UA members who bring a friend!)

Instructor: Renee Lindquist | Staff Bio
Hanna Somatic Educator/ 500 Yoga Therapist

There is a common belief that aging itself causes us to become stiff and achy. How could it be any other way? But there IS another way: Hanna Somatics (HSE) is a neuromuscular re-education program. With HSE you will learn safe and gentle exercises that:

  • wake up inactive muscles
  • release chronically tight muscles
  • relieve pain
  • increase mobility.

Soon you will feel and move like you were 20 years younger!

(4 participants minimum to hold workshop)
SomaYoga for Neck and Shoulders

Sunday | 4/29/18 | 1:00-3:00pm


Instructor: Renee Lindquist | Staff Bio
Hanna Somatic Educator/ 500 Yoga Therapist

In our culture we frequently text, drive and sit in front of computers. Resulting in a culture-wide change in our posture: Head forward, shoulders shrugged and forward, upper back hunched.

If this posture sounds familiar and you experience chronic neck and shoulder pain, join me in this informative and posture changing workshop! Learn the source of your pain and how to unwind it. SomaYoga is a very gentle form of therapeutic yoga that uses muscular re-education to release chronic pain and tension. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Minimum of 5 needed to hold workshop


Uncommon Age and Embody Movement Studio, the Twin Cities’ leading GYROKINESIS® studios, are proud to partner and offer GYROKINESIS® training licensure. Contact us for more information.

GYROKINESIS®  Pre-Training
Instructor: Wendy Anderson – Embody Studio

The GYROKINESIS® Pre-training course is physically challenging, in part to experience the level 1 repertoire, as well as to create proper patterning in the body. This course also prepares one to explore the material for their own self directed workout, as well as creating a strong base for those who are interested in teaching the work.

NOTE: This course is held at Embody Movement Studio in Minneapolis.

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GYROKINESIS®  Level I Foundation Course
Instructor: Rich O’Connor – Gyrotonic® Specialized Master Trainer

To provide a more in depth understanding of the exercises in the GYROKINESIS® Level I 6o minute format class and 90 minute format class, and provide students with the specific skills and techniques to teach these exercise sequences to others. Prerequisites: Successful completion of the GYROKINESIS® Level I Pre-Training Course.

NOTE: This course is held at Uncommon Age Studio in Stillwater

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The Myth of Aging

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