Featured Client: Susan A.

Marty:  So you’ve been with Uncommon Age for about 2 years.  Can you tell me where you were fitness-wise when you started?

Susan:  I’m a 68-year-old desk worker, mother of two, battled with my weight for 35 years. Nobody’s idea of physically fit!

Marty:  Had you ever tried a fitness program before? Any success?

Susan:  I’ve tried a half a dozen fitness programs on two coasts! Fitness clubs, the Y, personal trainers, home gym, yoga, ski machine, elliptical… pretty much the full range of available programs and products.  I can honestly say I DON’T love exercise.

Marty: Why do you think that is?

Susan:  There were a couple of reasons:  I grew up thinking that real ladies shouldn’t sweat.  This was before Title IX. There were no fitness programs for girls in public schools, no girls’ teams in any sports.  You could aspire to be a cheerleader if you could do cartwheels. I couldn’t do cartwheels, and no one ever attempted to teach me how. In all fairness, I never attempted to learn.

And when I did try sports outside of school, I kept getting hurt: blisters, smashed fingers, stiff muscles…that sort of thing, hurt and cold. The emphasis was on competition, and winners did whatever it took and didn’t complain. (Listen to me whine!)

Marty: So why do you keep coming back to Uncommon Age?

Susan:  That’s easy:  I don’t get hurt.  Uncommon Age focuses on wellness. The mantra is that exercise shouldn’t create pain; it should help to alleviate it.  It’s a truly supportive community.

Uncommon Age is NOT competitive. I don’t run into the my-body’s-better-than-your-body, and I-can-do-more-reps-than-you-can-do vibe you find in other gyms. We’re all here just trying to be healthy human beings. My goal is to sit cross-legged on the floor and to Hula-Hoop like I did when I was a kid.

And I don’t get bored. Uncommon Age makes a point of never repeating the same class twice, so I don’t get bored. Fitness should be fun, not a chore. Last week we did a silly exercise where we dragged each other around on slippery disks with rubber bands like water skiers; we were laughing so hard we were falling down.  It felt like being 11 again. They’ve just added bungee jumping, which looks like a total hoot. Can’t wait to try that!